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Palm Springs cops Mike Heron and Chad Nordman open fire and murder an innocent and unarmed U.S. Marine Veteran

PALM SPRINGS, CA - On the morning of 11/10/2012 two incompetent bicycle cops, Mike Heron and Chad Nordman, from the Palm Springs Police Department cowardly opened fired and murdered unarmed Marine CPL. Allan DeVillena II inside a parking structure in downtown Palm Springs, California.

After putting (6) bullets into CPL. Allan DeVillena II, the two cops put handcuffs on the murdered DeVillena. For several hours CPL. Allan DeVillena II was left handcuffed, dead, with his upper body slumped to the left and his head tilted backwards. The two involved cops, Chad Nordman and Mike Heron, have NO respect for life as they shot with the intent to kill. 

On that Veterans Day, Mike Heron and Chad Nordman murdered a Veteran of the Afghanistan War - Operation Enduring Freedom.  CPL. Allan DeVillena II was excited as he was only months away prior to starting a new chapter in his life in which he was to pursue his college career.  At only 22 years old, however, his life was cut short by the two high adrenaline, trigger-happy Palm Springs police officers.

We do know the truth.  All those who have served with CPL. Allan "AJ" DeVillena II and everyone else who have known "AJ" all know his character.  The Palm Springs police department has resorted to smear campaigns and defamation of character to the media because the profile that the Palm Springs police officers used to pre-judge CPL. Allan "AJ" DeVillena II does NOT match with what all know was the true character of AJ. 

These tactics are NOT going to work as investigations and testimonials will show that "AJ" was a hardworking, fun-loving, charismatic and caring person whom was well loved by many.  The fictitious observations, reports, press releases, etc. only add up to the Palm Springs police department's feeble attempt to cover up the murder of CPL. Allan "AJ" DeVillena II.

Now, as the voice for CPL. Allan "AJ" DeVillena, The AJ DeVillena Foundation wishes to communicate this message to the two hate-filled Palm Springs police officers Mike Heron and Chad Nordman who murdered CPL. Allan "AJ" DeVillena II, to Chief of police Alberto Franz, along with the entire Palm Springs police department:

The murder of CPL. Allan "AJ" DeVillena will NOT be swept under the rug. This senseless killing will NOT be kept within the city of Palm Springs. The Palm Springs Police Department WILL be looked at through a microscope. High places WILL hear our voices and become involved in the probing and exposing of your deceitful and unjust organization. The two officers and all others involved in the cover up WILL be found guilty. We WILL have justice.

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Murderers: Chad Nordman and Mike Heron

AJ DeVillena Foundation